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Innovation, Vocation, Care - About InvoCare New Zealand

Care Is What Drives Us

InvoCare is a global company that operates funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria around New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United States of America. We are well known for our commitment to family care, community engagement and investor value.

Committed to Care

InvoCare’s name stems from our commitment to Innovation, Vocation and Care.

Wherever we are in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore or the United States of America, we are committed to caring for families and communities with a sincere and personal touch.

The InvoCare Way

Investor Information

An international company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, InvoCare provides quality funeral, cemetery and related products and services to families at a critical time in their lives.

InvoCare is a market leader in the Asia-Pacific funeral and related service sectors. Additionally, InvoCare has a presence in the United States of America.

In this section, you will find information on InvoCare for our existing shareholders and those who are looking for investment opportunities.
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Supporting the Community

Wherever we operate InvoCare supports a wide variety of community and service organisations, and plays an active part in community life at all levels.

Both as a corporation and through our many brands, InvoCare’s staff participate in community activities, including volunteering within community organisations.

InvoCare’s staff is also supporting churches and cultural groups, as well as local, national and international charities.
Our Community Involvement

Welcome to InvoCare New Zealand

All of the InvoCare New Zealand Ltd Funeral businesses in New Zealand believe things should be uncomplicated for you at what can be a difficult time. We aim to provide funeral services that are dignified and respectful.

All of our InvoCare New Zealand Ltd Funeral businesses offer a 24 hour service with numerous locations throughout New Zealand, offering convenient and accessible venues to suit.

Families are treated with the dignity and respect no matter their culture, lifestyle, financial situation, race or religion.

Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary funeral, our experienced Funeral Directors will be able to help you with the process of arranging a funeral. We do this by offering a personal service that is second-to-none and includes a range of options to meet the individual needs of your family.

Arranging a Funeral

Our Funeral Directors can help you arrange the funeral you want for your loved one, or help make carrying out the wishes of the deceased easier. At each step, your InvoCare New Zealand Ltd Funeral Director is there to make the process worry-free. Our Funeral Directors and Embalmers are trained and qualified, to give you an additional guarantee as to the service that your loved one will receive.

When Someone Dies In New Zealand

A doctor will need to sight the body and complete a ‘Medical Certificate of Causes of Death’. Your Funeral Director can advise and assist at this time to make the situation easier to understand. Simply call one of the InvoCare New Zealand Ltd Funeral Directors closest to you and they will arrange to come and see you. If a doctor is not available to complete the Medical Certificate then the Coroner may need to become involved.

Your Funeral Director will also be able to arrange to transfer the deceased throughout New Zealand or internationally, as required.

Burial or Cremation

The deceased may have already chosen whether they wish to be buried or cremated, otherwise it is usually the family’s decision.

Burial involves purchasing a plot, which includes a maintenance fee, paying an interment fee to cover the cost of preparing the grave, and buying a memorial or headstone. Burials are usually limited by law to official cemeteries and Maori burial grounds.

Cremation provides more flexibility when choosing a final resting place. Ashes can be buried in a cemetery or placed in a special ashes memorial area, scattered in a garden, at sea, or in a favourite place.

After cremation, the ashes are placed in a simple utility urn which can later be transferred into a personalised memorial urn. These simple urns are ideal for transporting your loved one internationally if required.


Sometimes embalming is needed to ensure sanitation and preservation in the lead up to the funeral, particularly if time is needed for overseas family and friends to travel to New Zealand. Our experienced, qualified staff carry out the embalming process and the body is treated with the utmost respect and dignity at all times.

The Service

Our Funeral Directors can make all the arrangements for the service and ensure it flows smoothly. You should choose a ceremony that suits you and your family, and we can assist in discussing all the available choices. Your Funeral Director will meet with clergy and celebrants, doctors and hospitals, coroners and other officials and also crematoriums and cemetery authorities as required. We can also take care of and help you design a ceremony that is reflective of your cultural heritage and sensitivities such as language specialists, translators and the like.

Headstones and Monuments

We can help you choose a lasting personal memorial for your loved one and we have a large range of monuments, headstones and plaques using the highest quality granite and bronze, as well as other materials as required. We can also assist in preparing a unique monument to honour your loved one.

If you have any concerns or further queries, please contact one the InvoCare New Zealand Ltd Funeral Directors closest to you for further assistance.

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